Meet Roisin

I’m Roisin Mackenzie

A fluid & abstract artist from Stirling, Scotland.

I live here with my partner and 2 young girls. I am known to most of my friends as Rosh and my name is Irish Gaelic for Little Rose, hence the business name.

I have always had a love for creating. Drawing, doodling, painting, crafting, you name it, I LOVE it.

In April 2020, I developed a passion for fluid art and began to try out different methods over and over again. I was hooked on the unpredictable nature of these techniques and slowly over time began to develop my own style and way of pouring.

Inspired by water

I am inspired by many things we see in our daily life – nature and all it’s varying colour palettes. My main source of inspiration is water. The movement of it, the flow of it and sometimes the stillness of it.

I am naturally attracted to the blues and greens and turquoises of the world, and you’ll see this in my paintings, but I am happy to try out new colour combinations now and again.


I offer original artworks and prints in varying sizes.

I also welcome bespoke painting requests. 


Thanks for stopping by.