Meet Roisin

Hi, I’m Roisin Mackenzie

A fluid & abstract artist based in central Scotland.

I have always had a spurts of creativity from a young age. Drawing and painting were always a hobby of mine, and in April 2020, I developed a passion for fluid art. I began to experiment and try out different methods over and over again. I was hooked on the unpredictable nature of these techniques and the mesmerising patterns they can create, and slowly over time began to develop my own style and way of pouring. 

I began posting my work on social media to show off what I had been creating and from the very first post, people were asking to buy them. This is when Little Rose Arts was born.

‘Roisin’ in Irish Gaelic means ‘Little Rose,’ so I thought that was an apt name for my creative business.



The inspiration for my work comes from many things we see in our daily life – nature and all it’s varying palettes. My main source of inspiration comes from bodies of water. Beaches in Scotland, tropical beaches, swimming pools, landscapes. Places I’ve been but also places I imagine in my head.

I am naturally attracted to blue and green colour palettes which you’ll see a lot of in my paintings. These are colours I feel comforted by and I try to show this in my work by offering the viewer moments of escapism and nostalgia.

I create original artworks on stretched canvas and paper and offer prints in varying sizes.

I also welcome bespoke painting requests and collaborations.